Extended Wifi Coverage and Faster Internet

We are experts in extended WiFi coverage, increased Internet browsing speeds, smoother movie streaming & faster Internet gaming.

The many different WiFi devices in a home or business

Extend WiFi coverage & Higher Internet speeds

If you want to extend your WiFi coverage & get higher Internet speeds, then you will love what we will do for you. We are experts in configuring all WiFi and wired devices into one network. You will experience fast Internet browsing, smooth streaming of movies and uninterrupted Internet gaming.

We own more wired and wireless network devices than ever

As time goes on, there are more wireless and wired network devices entering our homes and businesses. If you are like most people, you do not want to have to understand it or worry about it. Your ISP just wants to get you connected, and on a monthly payment plan, renting their Internet connection devices and paying on one of their plans. You need the proper modem, router and sometimes extenders along with proper placement to get the best WiFi coverage. That’s where we come into help. We can come to your home or business and make sure that are WiFi devices and people are getting the Internet connectivity they require.

Your WiFi transmissions can be monitored by nearby criminals

If your wireless router is not using a secure wireless connection, you are openly transmitting personal, banking or customer information over the air waves. A nearby hacker can intercept all of your wireless transmissions, recording keystrokes, logins and passwords. We will set up your routers’ wireless settings so that your wireless transmissions can not be monitored by criminal activity.

We will configure all of your wireless devices

If your network does not have wireless capability, we can set up a wireless router. We’ll configure all of your devices, whether it’s a smart TV, laptop, Android tablet, iPad, iPhone, wireless IP security camera, Netflix or Chromecast. Everything will work together smoothly.