Microsoft is still stating that July 2016 is the last day for “upgrading” to a free Windows 10 license. For you who have spoken to me or read my newsletters, I have been very negative on Microsoft for the way they having been sneaking in their Windows 10 and replacing your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and without your permission. I and most of my customers are hoping this is the end of it. I am hoping their desperate tactics will come to a stop on July 29.

Many of our Computer PC Medic customers have gone through the uninitiated process, only to find their computer did not work at all, their expensive work related applications no longer work, they cannot connect to their printers or they have lost all of their data. The worst botch-up was a Windows 7 Home Premium computer that had 15,000 pictures before the upgrade attack. After the customer reverted back to Windows 7 Home Premium, to their dismay, they now had Windows 7 Professional and no pictures or data. Yes, the wrong version of Windows 7 was loaded on their computer, and to make it worse, it was not licensed and flagged as a pirated operating system. Wow, talk about Microsoft incompetence. Many of my customers lost their data. I can only guess how many thousands of others had the same fate dealt to them.

Now, is Microsoft really done with their assault on our purchased operating systems? None of us can answer that, but I just wanted to warn you that they might try. If you ever catch your operating system upgrading to Windows 10, turn the computer off right away. Hopefully it will revert back when you turn the computer back on.